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How to Get Your Google Adsense account approved easily. Adsense is a CPC online advertising agency founded by Google Adsense is a billion dollar company that pays publisher on time, they pay68% of what their advertisers pay them whenever they click on their ads on your website which makes it interesting enough to join and apply for Adsense to monetize your website or blog.

Before you can apply for an Adsense today and get your Adsense account approved you need to have a working website, it can be Blogspot or WordPress with good design, there are many alternatives which you can choose to monetize your website or blog, but Google Adsense is known to be the best place to monetize a website.

Nowadays Google Adsense account is even becoming very difficult to get approval, there are millions of applications daily, to get approve on Adsense you need to follow their policies and by doing so you are going to be approved, don’t give up on getting a fully approved Adsense account, I applied for AdSense several times but always got disapproved, until I follow this steps that I am going to show you, then I got approved fully on Adsense

  • Create original content
  • Get a custom domain
  • Use a good theme
  • Remove competitors
  • Use Google Adwords
  • ADD Privacy policy, about and contact page

1. Create original content

It is easy to copy and paste content on your website from other websites but you won’t escape penalty if google catches you and also remember Adsense is a Google product, it is not easy to create a quality content up to 500 words all by yourself but if you are creative and hardworking you can work on some keywords researches you can develop for a quality content check use keyword tools from Semrush, The keyword planner.

You can find freelance writers who can write for you check, you should have at least 10-15 original content on your website, using images that are copied can also affect your approval process there is a website where you can get copyright images for your content, e.g Pixabay, Getty Images. If you already have copied content on your website delete them all before applying for Adsense.

2. Get a custom domain

This is a part of the reviewing process google considers to approve a website, you need to get a custom domain for your website you can visit Godaddy, Enom, to get a custom domain, and there are other websites where you can get your custom domain at less price.

Google Adsense doesn’t usually approve websites without a custom domain, I tried applying with Blogspot domain but it doesn’t get any approval otherwise it was disapproved, you should also consider getting a good web hosting you can try Bluehost hosting.

3. Use a good theme

Make your website look professional by using a good template design that attracts visitors, there are websites where you can get premium templates for your website, for WordPress try studio press, Themeforest also has various designs for blogger and WordPress websites,if you just started your website then you can go for free theme when your website starts getting more hits then move for premium themes. The best theme for bloggers is newspaper theme. Newspaper theme is a highly customizable theme and only cost 79$. when you get the theme make sure you are through with your installation before you apply for Adsense, Google Adsense likes websites that have good and working themes.

4. Remove other active Ads

Whenever you want to apply for Adsense make sure you remove all the advertising plugins on your website before applying for Adsense, it will be an intelligent step as they are competitors to Adsense program, and Adsense doesn’t like this remove any code in page related to other Ads program like you can choose to use them back when you get approval.

5. Use Google Adwords

Adwords logo

This also works to get approval from Adsense, Adwords is a Google product which is useful for search campaign, Google Adwords helps in sending traffic to your website this is different from search engine optimization it is a paid network you will get to decide how much you will spend on Adwords yourself starting from $10 #3600 naira, set up a budget that suits you. You can get approval when you use Adwords.

6. Privacy policy, Disclaimer, about and contact page

You should also consider making you

should create one now, you may choose to visit a lawyer on that but there are websites where you can generate a privacy policy page, it will give Google Adsense something about your website and create the about us page also will give them the clear view about your website, what it is all about before they approve it. It is also advisable for you to create a contact page on your website before applying.

Read a sample of privacy policy

Read a sample of Disclaimer

7) Get premium hosting

if your website is hosted on free hosting then Adsense will never accept your application. It is recommended to take a premium hosting from Bluehost or  Hostgator it will help you to get your application approved easily.

8) Optimize your website load speed

Before you apply for Adsense make sure your website loads faster and has a good google page score. Google hates slow websites. Slow websites give user very bad experience and increase bounce rate. Google wants only best websites to serve their ads. You can check your page speed on Gtmetrix or Pingdom.


Myth about Adsense

  1. Many of you think that we need Good Alexa rank to get Adsense approved this is totally wrong. You can get your Adsense approved even with bad Alexa rank.
  2. This is also a myth that we should use WordPress to get Adsense approved. You can also get approved without Adsense hence WordPress doesn’t matter.

Now you know everything about Adsense Approval before you apply read privacy policy of google Adsense read here.

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