How to make money with Fiverr : The Ultimate Guide

How to make money with Fiverr : The Ultimate Guide, Fiverr is well known for their 5$ services, Fiverr provides a great platform for the people to earn money by serving their talent, Many People asking me for such a long time to write a post on So here it is the ultimate guide to make your first 5 dollars with Fiverr. Fiverr is really a good platform to earn a decent amount of dollars by sitting back at your home. For a student, this will be the great source of pocket money.

Fiverr is Good but for them who are working on it for such a long time. Fiverr platform becomes very competitive these days it is very hard to rank your Gig but not impossible.

The people who joined back 2013 and 14 are earning good amount of money and getting too many orders per day. But for new user its a pain to get a single order.

Some of the high demand gigs on Fiverr includes:

  • Article writing
  • SEO services
  • Art and graphics design
  • Website copy-writing
  • Audio and voice-overs
  • Video editing
  • DIY tutorials
  • Product review writing
  • And more!

So, how to get orders on Fiverr?

How to make money with Fiverr : The Ultimate Guide

The idea is pretty simple to get an order you have to make your Gig super attractive and giving your Gigs some professional touch.

These are the tips to follow to make your Gig attractive

1.) Add a beautiful images

To make your Gig attractive use images which are catchy to eyes. Images that can be noticed easily between 10-20 other Gigs. For example, if your Gig is about SEO then search on google images and find proper images. Use your target keyword in your images. Adding images with the beautiful title in your image is your first step to How to make money with Fiverr.

How to make money with Fiverr : The Ultimate Guide

2.) Add videos in your Gigs

Adding videos to your Gigs will make your Gig more authentic and increase your sales. Create a short and beautiful video for your Gig which describes your gig better. Give your video some professional touch. Gigs with videos rank higher on Fiverr and chances for sale increases. Use your target keyword in your video. I suggest to record a video of yourself and upload it to every gig. This way buyer will know whom they are giving orders. Adding a video of yourself increase your chance for sells and also gives your Gig more authenticity.

How to make money with Fiverr : The Ultimate Guide

3.) Make your Gig Unique

How to make money with Fiverr : The Ultimate Guide

To be able to sell your Gig on Fiverr, you need to make your Gig unique to you. Perhaps there are already gigs selling page translations of text to English, or offering English lessons using Skype. A large number of sellers are selling more than two zero-skill gigs, but are not receiving any income. So find things that you excel in that are unique to you, and use them in your gigs.

4.) Super catchy titles

How to make money with Fiverr : The Ultimate Guide

To make your Gig stand apart from other you need to write a super catchy title that Describes your gig better. The title structure should be —> Primary Keyword – Secondary Keyword | Brand name

5) One day delivery

How to make money with Fiverr : The Ultimate Guide

My experience on Fiverr is keeping 1-day delivery increase sale. Buyers always prefer a fast delivery. The first thing they will search for is sellers who have good reputations and deliver quickly. But for the new seller on Fiverr, you don’t have reputation then beautiful gig and quick delivery time will help you to get more orders.

6.) Use proper key tags

How to make money with Fiverr : The Ultimate Guide

Tags are the secret key to Fiverr success. Use proper and relevant tags, A lot of people don’t get this but having your gig correctly tagged is very important to the ranking of your gig in Fiverr search results.

7.) Write a very pleasant Description

Always try to write a description of more than 900 words and make your description beautiful and use proper words to describe your gigs. Write a full detail about your gig and what will you provide them with an order, offer some other products in the description. Also, Give your customers some free services giving free services to increase the chance of sales.

Write the same Title of your gig and Bold it.

Here is the example of proper description:

## Boost Your Website Ranking in Google #1 Page


I use White Hat Search Engine Optimization techniques. My all work is Panda, Penguin & Hummingbird safe. My SEO service helps in increasing your ROI definitely.

I am here to optimize your site with legacy success:

    • 6+ years Experience
    • 100+ Websites optimized on Fiverr
    • 80+ websites rank first
    • Google Recent Bots update follow up
    • Knowledge of All CMS

My Work Plan– After getting your order. firstly, we will analyze your website within 2 days and make changes in On page, if there is any problem with your site on the page. After that, we will create an off-page plan according to your website and then for the whole month, we will create quality backlinks for first-page ranking.

My Work Quality:

  • High (DA) backlinks
  • Unique content
  • All Manual Work
  • No Software
  • Only White Methods
  • No Spam Links
On page:
  • Keyword Mapping
  • Analytics Tool
  • Webmaster Tool
  • URL Rewrite
  • Meta Tags
  • Robots.txt
  • XML Sitemap
  • H1, H2 Tags
  • GeoTag
  • Alt Tag
Off page:
  • Web 2.0
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Profile Backlinks
  • Directory Submission
  • Article Posting
  • Document Sharing
  • Blog post
  • Classifieds
Have any question, feel free to ask?
Feel free to make an order.
How to make money with Fiverr : The Ultimate Guide

Now Let’s Talk about Gigs SEO

How to make money with Fiverr : The Ultimate Guide

As SEO works on Google ranking the same way Fiverr uses some ranking factors for Gigs ranking.

Fiverr never discloses any of their ranking factors but according to my experience, I can list some SEO factors of Fiverr gigs ranking.

1)Write a buyer-friendly title

How to make money with Fiverr : The Ultimate Guide

writing a buyer-friendly title increases sells according to my experience a title which is more catchy to eye ranks better on Fiverr like using any phrase in the title. Don’t write long and ugly title use short and soft titles which may attract more buyers to your Gig. Having good title increases impressions the more impressions you get the better your gig will perform. Having a catchy title very important and the first step for Gig SEO.

2.) A Great URL For Your Gig

A Gig’s first title generates its URL. This URL is unchangeable, so keep that in mind when you first create your Gig. Using the Gig title to create a URL that is memorable, attention-grabbing, and reinforces the excellence of your service will give you an edge over the competition.
Sample Gig Title Version A: I will best example gig title ever!
URL: username/best-example-gig-title
Now, as you can see, this first sample Gig tile is not buyer friendly because it is not grammatically correct. However, it generates an SEO-optimized URL that reinforces what exactly your service is.


3.) Using Keywords

Use consistent keywords. Using consistent keywords in gig title will help you to rank better use keyword also in description and tags. Use the repetition of keywords to your advantage.

4.) Your Username

Pick a username that matches what you go by professionally. Whether combing through existing profiles that you already control or creating brand new profiles on Fiverr, professional usernames should include your real name. While @punkdaddy666 may have given you an edge in your Gig.

5.) Formatting:

When crafting the perfect “buyer friendly” version of a Gig title, make use of capitalization. Fiverr allows one fully capitalized word per Gig title, so use that word as an opportunity to really highlight the most unique aspect of your Gig.


Now that’s all about Gig SEO follow these steps to get ranked on Fiverr if this method works for you then please leave a comment.

Now I think you learned a lot about Gigs and Fiverr platform. Happy Fiverr Journey for you many wishes from me. Go and earn your first dollar on Fiverr when you get your first order please come back here and let me know that my post helped you and please share these post to your friends so they also can earn.

6.) FAQ

Use FAQ properly so if anyone comes to view the Gig, all the questions in his mind should be clear just by Reading FAQs.

7.) 3 package magic

How to make money with Fiverr : The Ultimate Guide

Try to use 3 packages always in your Gig. Adding 3 packages will also increase your chances to sell gigs and it also increases your earning. Most people by professional package So having three packages is a good idea on Fiverr.

8.) Uploading a PDF

As we know there is a limit of words in the description, so you can explain your gigs by uploading a PDF file on your gig as well, so always attach a PDF file to explain clearly about your Gigs. Create your PDF files with images and also share your previous works in PDF.


In the next Post, I will come with  SECRET to easy ways to make money on Fiverr.

Let’s take an overview of what you learned from this post.

  • Add a beautiful images

  • Add videos in your Gigs

  • Make Them Unique

  • Super catchy titles

  • One day delivery

  • Use proper key tags

  • Write a very pleasant Description

  • Write a buyer-friendly title

  • Add PDF file

Now I am done with this post. Happy earning.

               Keep patience and One day you will shine.

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How to make money with Fiverr : The Ultimate Guide


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