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How to set caller tune in JioHow to set caller tune in Jio Jio provides us best and fast internet service with the free voice call at a very low price. This is why all Indians love jio. Jio gives us free access to their premium apps like Jio cinema, Jio tv and many more. My favorite app from Jio is JioMusic.

Download jio music app here: Download

Jio music provides us with high-quality music at 320kbps per second with downloading features. Jio Music app is usages to millions of people in India.

It also offers Jio caller tune for free. We can set caller tune for free in jio that’s pretty awesome. Those days were now gone when we have to pay 50rs to set caller tune.

Jio has huge collections of songs and their caller tunes in high quality in any language and regions.

Setting Caller tune in Jio is pretty easy. You only need a jio sim and Jio music app installed.

How to set caller tune in Jio

Follow the instructions to set Jio caller tune:

  1. Open your Playstore and install jio music app

How to set caller tune in Jio

2. Open Jio music app

Open your Jio music app and now you will be asked for language. Select your preferred language.

3.) Sign Up and Login

Now you will see a login screen for Jio id and password

How to set caller tune in Jio

If you already have Jio id then log in with your Jio id and password. If you don’t have Jio id and password then click on new user Sign up. Now enter your email address mobile number and password to create your Jio account. You will receive an OTP on your email and mobile to verify your account. After you created your account now you are good to go.

5. Finding songs

After login, you will see a search bar on top of the app. Here you can type your Favourite music to Set as caller tune. Search for your songs after getting your search results. Click on your favorite songs to play.

6. Final step

Now you will see an option to set as jio tune.

How to set caller tune in Jio

Now enjoy your Caller tune. Jio caller tune is fully free. You can also change your caller tune at any time. You can set unlimited songs as caller tune and download unlimited songs at high quality.

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