Why I quit Fiverr?

Fiverr is a Great source of earning from home and as a freelancer, Most of the people prefer Fiverr, But in the last few years Fiverr became more popular and more freelancers are connected to it, Now Fiverr became an overcrowded place with huge amount of freelancers this is why most of the old freelancers are getting fewer orders. Now it’s not easy to get orders on Fiverr and due to some Fiverr strict policy, I don’t like Fiverr good anymore.

How I make 10000$ with Fiverr: Fiverr Earning proof

Recently I published a post on my Fiverr earning read here  in that post I told about my journey to Fiverr, How I started from scratch and started making thousands of dollars, Now I am quitting fiver, The reason for quitting is that I am not getting any orders anymore, I think Fiverr rolled an update in its algorithm this is why my Fiverr Gigs are not ranking anymore.

I am not saying that you should also quit Fiverr, If you are getting orders then you should continue but I am going to take a break with Fiverr. There are great other options than Fiverr.

Why I quit Fiverr after earning $10000

Why I Quit Fiverr

I invested too much time working with Fiverr and I am feeling bad to quit Fiverr, Fiverr was my first platform to get online income I will never forget the happiness I felt when I received my first order on Fiverr that $5 worth too much for me when I was just a student and I was fully dependant on my parents. Fiverr gave me the financial freedom. I can proudly say that Fiverr was a Game changer in my Life.

My bad experiences

I was Doing great at Fiverr, but one day I delivered a Gig, Just after few minutes that order was canceled, I tried to contact them but failed due to some fiverr privacy policy, that order worth 100$ and I totally felt like a scam. These Problems are very common in fiverr, I think Fiverr should take a step to fix these.

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