How hackers clone our sim card

How hackers Swap sim card and steal your money. Sim swap means that the SIM card is replaced with a new SIM. By sending a message to telecom company your existing SIM can be disabled and we can be cheated through the new SIM. How do thieves use your SIM, learn in this post?

Swapping sim card is a nightmare for us. If somebody takeover our sim card then they have full access to most of our online accounts and even our bank accounts.

First of all, the fraudsters call you from a new number and call himself an employee of your telecom company. These fraudsters give you the confidence to resolve the problems of phone calls and internet running. They also promise to get you 4G SIM home. These fraudsters ask for a Unique 20-digit SIM card number which is written on the back of the SIM card.

How hackers Swap sim card and steal your money

After giving a 20-digit SIM number, a message appears on your phone. Now they ask to press 1 to confirm. After that, the real game starts, because the company thinks that you have applied for the new SIM card.

How hackers Swap sim card and steal your money

How they fraud us

After that, your SIM stops working and the network goes away. The special thing is that, as soon as the network is missing from your number, at the same time the network gets its network of new SIMs present at fraudsters.

In fact, in this kind of fraud, fraudsters already have a bank account number or ATM card number, they only need an OTP. After that, he invites OTP on your number and does a great shopping.

In many situations, the fraudsters also ask you a base number with a mobile number, because nowadays many services from the bank are directly connected to the base.

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