WhatsApp starts testing 'Suspicious Link Detection'

Suspicious Link Detection

WhatsApp starts testing ‘Suspicious Link Detection’. Fake news is being spread through social media, after rumors, social media companies have also started working with it seriously. Facebook-owned WhatsApp recently, Facebook clearly said that nobody can send messages in the group without the permission of admin. Apart from this, the company also bringing another feature. after which people will not be able to read any message and no one forwards it to the message.

Whatsapp is now testing a feature that will detect suspicious links. Currently, this feature is being tested on the beta version of Whatsapp. It will be released to all people soon.

With the help of this feature, WhatsApp can detect fake news and links. It will mark it with red and warn the users. Apart from this, Whatsapp will also tell people that do not click on this link and read the message.

Indeed, Too much fake news has been shared each day, and people are fighting each other on social media after reading these fake news. Social media has become the biggest hub for spreading rumors.

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