WhatsApp's 10 easy tips to spot fake news, Keep in mind

WhatsApp’s 10 easy tips to spot fake news, hoax

WhatsApp’s 10 easy tips to spot fake news, Keep in mind. After continuous rumors spreading through social media in the country, Whatsapp has issued advertisements in many major Indian newspapers.

Following the continuous fake messaging events. The government asked to stop it from Whatsapp after which WhatsApp promised to release many features such as suspicious link detection service.

Facebook’s owned WhatsApp has given advertisements in newspapers to fake its users 10 tips to identify news and rumor messages Let’s know about these tips for whatsapps fighting fake messages.

Whatsapp advertisement

1. Identify the forward message

We have released a forward message feature at the beginning of this week, to find out that the message is being forwarded. Whenever you receive a forward message, you can check its facts.

2. Question the message

If you get any message on Whatsapp, you get annoyed or scared about that message and find out that the message has not been sent for the purpose of provoking your feelings. Do not send it to anyone only after the message is convinced, then delete it immediately.

3. Check for messages that are difficult to believe

There are times even messages that are difficult to believe, such messages are often not true. In this case, you can find out from other sources that how much truth is there in that message.

4. Avoid differently visible messages

Many times you get such messages that have a spelling mistake. Most of these messages are fake and false. Quickly delete such messages and send it to no one.

5. Check the photo

When you get a photo and video on WhatsApp, check it out and see it carefully. Photos and videos are often sent by editing.

6. Check link also

It may seem that the link in the message is from a familiar or well-known site, but if there is a misspelled or strange character it is possible that something is wrong.

7. Use Other Source

Get help with any other news site or check it out to watch any news. If that incident has been written in many places then it can be true.

8. Do not send forward messages without further understanding

Before forwarding any message, think of the information given in it right or wrong.

9. Block the number of dislikes and groups

If you think that you are getting messages directly from any number, then you block it. Apart from this, you can also leave the rumored group.

10. False stories often spread

You do not mind how often you received the message. Just because the message has been shared many times, this does not mean that the news is true.

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